01 March 2010

Heinz is back

Heinz is back


Starting today, the Heinz comic cartoon will reappear daily... now in the Dutch "Metro" newspaper.

The horrible twomover

The following twomover is quite challenging, it takes many kicks.
Composed by Janos Kiss, Magyar Sakkvilag 1934. White to move and mate in two.

Janos Kiss

Take your time, don't give up. You will be rewarded by the solution - it is pretty.

Heinzk's crappy chess games part 573

I've played another game of Internet Clicking Chess today... too messy. The opening and middlegame don't progress in a smooth way at all, but my opponent messes up somewhere when I appear to be attacking, and I grab the win.

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A clear finish might be
61. ... Bb5 62. c6 Ba6 63. Kc7 Bb5 64. Kb7 Bd3 65. c7 Be4+ 66. Kb8

My 3 minute Blitz rating there is closing in on 2400... again... this can only mean one thing: the losing streak that brings me back under 2000 is very near. :-(
Ever since starting the filling of this Blog it's going quite OK though, which gives me the chance to play many games against strong opponents -- 2200+ FIDE is "strong" enough for me -- and I am enjoying the experience. The virtual "TPR" of the games I have posted is going through the roof !! ;-)


  1. I didn`t time it but I think Qf2 is the answer took maybe 25 minutes maybe.NM-Dale

  2. Hi again Mr. Dale

    It appears you are the only fellow following the growth of the Blog, yippee :-)

    Did you already notice you can just click on the diagram to verify your solution?

    Twenty-five minutes for one silly key move... :-) yes that's about the time I spent on it as well. Maybe longer.


  3. I clicked on the diagram after I solved it although I more or less assume that I already knew that.

    Probably a few other RHP folks look at this but some might not comment.

    Are you going RHPing someday again?

  4. Hi NMD

    I will try to continue my trolling here. I sure hope some more look - I am an attention horse


  5. I was surprised by your a3 move, I would have thought that would have made his queenside pawn storm easier to play.