23 November 2010

Chess workshops

Chess workshops

Hi my name is Heinzk and I'm back with a new entry for this super cool blog... about chess...
I've discovered I'm no good at "explaining chess in natural language"... so let's get straight to the games.

Oh no wait, first a cartoon. Windig & De Jong will actually have a brand new Heinz album called "E" published next Friday. It will be the second part of the H E I N Z series. Here, Heinz, isn't that great news! Smile! Smile!

I've played a lot of Internet games again and - as usual - lost more than I won. Once in a while a somehow really intriguing game comes by (chess is an intriguing game) and of course those are the games that are to be chosen for this blog. I've picked ten of them.
Ten games? Yeah it seems like quite a lot but there's this arrow > button and it will take you through the games without hassle.

...some guys say bullet is the fast food version of chess for ADD/OCD type of people, with no attention span whatsoever, and that it is the first step towards chess's demise. Let me just say it requires two full minutes of intense concentration where a single lapse will instantly kill you. Where else do you find such a thing? :p
And if you find the right opponents it can become quite interesting.

1st game this is an example of what happens when intuition takes over and I become trigger happy.

2nd game to be fair here's an example of me being schooled.
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3rd game and this is an example of desperate needs lead to desperate deeds in the last sec of a game
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4th game this is how to get flushed in a Najdorf.
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5th game this is just plain craziness.
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6th game, this is losing in style.
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7th game and this is more or less unsound.
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8th game this one is simply fantastic.

9th this is just a little cool game.

10th game and I leave you here to contemplate how sound this last one is.