13 March 2010

Nice game + nice problem

Nice Game + Nice Problem

I have been playing some damn good i-chess... at least, the numbers seem to imply I have been playing some damn good i-chess.

One minute to checkmate

After some yo-yoing, my bullet rating went up a hundred points... reaching dazzling heights.

I don't particularly remember anything of the chess...

In fact, of the thousands of bullet games I have played in my life I cannot say I remember a single moment.

Bullet is a nerdiness competition. And loads of fun.



I have also played a handful of blitz games.
Probably I won't be able to retain the current rating level for long, as I'm really not all that strong while the 2200-2500 rating range is infected with guys that are about 2100-2350 in reality.
The following game gave enough reason to produce another Blog entry.

But in order to make a message for this blog, I also have to come up with some text to accompany the game; and as you can see, this writing part isn't my forte... ;-)

So just replay the game below. Click the > arrow button and you'll be fine.

The Spanish Torture

Now let me show you a

Chess Problem

If you're good at chess you'll probably try solving it too.

This is a mate in two moves. White to move. Come on you can do it!!


By yet another composer of fame, William Anthony Shinkman... published in "Checkmate" in 1902.
Man that seems like a long time ago.


  1. Oops I thought I found this one in about 4 seconds but then I discovered I was dreaming.
    I had thought that 1.Qd3+ Qxd3 2.Rdoublecheck was mate but alas I awoke after clicking the answer.
    NM Dale

  2. This ain't no checkers, capturing is not obligatory