07 March 2010

IGM scalp

IGM in 14 moves

Today's Heinzk Blog offers you a 2550+ FIDE rated Internet Grand Master from Iran biting the clicking dust.


The moves which led him to resignation are nothing much to be proud of though - I've played about the same opening trick vs. a p1200 before.
If I had advertised this one as "Heinzk vs. 1600"... you could've believed it too.

Still, a GM scalp of any sort is more than enough reason to celebrate in excess.

I don't have anything else today, so I'll just give you guys another chess problem.
No mate in three because apparently those are too difficult for you wimps.

Mate in four

JM Rice

Composed by John Michael Rice; I believe he's the long-time editor of the Problemist magazine. He's good. This problem of his was published in 1995.
Hint: you'll need to consider all four possible promotions on a1.

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  1. Nice cartoon today.