26 March 2010

Heinzk's Fantastic Chess Adventures

Heinzk's Fantastic Chess Adventures

OMG I haven't updated this Blog of my Fantastic Internet Chess Adventures in, like, eleven days.


It's mainly because I have concluded the current setup is going nowhere. I really have to stop posting my own games; it wasn't exactly what I had intended to do with this blog anyway. Who cares about these blitz flukes? I myself don't even care about them. I wanted to create a place that shelters some entertaining trolling; preferably involving chess pieces.

Blitz Games

After last week's lamenting over a terribly neat downhill Blitz graph, I netted +300 points in some 60 games and reached the (for me) most wonderful rating of 2501; actually playing fairly decent chess too.

Then I started playing Bullet again and dumped about 400 points there. (there are separate Blitz & Bullet ratings)

On Wednesday a nice Blitz challenge came in. I had intended not to play any more Blitz before I had returned to decent level of 1 minute chess... but of course I accepted, who wouldn't, and lost 0-3.

The first game was Rather Short

Play chess online

In the second game, he played some suboptimal moves, while I came up with some reasonable moves and in the scramble could have reached a winning advantage. But I found myself unable to seize the opportunity...

Play online chess

I have realized that a few of the weak points in my chess play are

1) the understanding of the "accumulation of pressure" -- I never seem to be able to win a game that way
2) the "creating of (counter)play" from nothing.

If you know of some study positions/material on these subjects feel free to help me out there.

The third game we played would suggest otherwise though; from a nothing going on pawn-down position I managed in some way to maneuver my pieces towards his king, very much obtaining the upper hand and I could have secured a draw at the very least... Deep Decimal Rybka gives it -3,871538334 at the summit. Of course I didn't and lost; I won't bother you with the game, enough of those games of mine on this blog already.

The Future of this Blog

So of course I have some ideas to troll more but I don't know if I will actually do something with them:

- never again post a game of mine
- the reasons why the Chess Tactics Server is so cool... mainly because I understand what's going on; should become some sort of tutorial; many examples/diagrams & explanations... http://chess.emrald.net
- the reasons why ChessTempo is so bad... mainly because I don't have a clue of what's going on; should have many examples & finger-pointing... http://chesstempo.com
- reviews of chess websites (geeky)
- Bullet chess and why I'm so bad it...
- the crazy high level at which chess is played, compared to other games...
- review of top chess players & how cool/uncool they are

I'm in a bit of a stretch because I am "hiding" here behind my nerdy internet alias while the things I would be writing about would aim at "real" instances. Maybe I should just write under my real name here but I don't feel like it.

The missed opportunity

Missed opp

While I was already thinking about writing something about bad chess, I played this game. White to play.

Yes, the amusing Qxg6+ mates in two. I only looked at it a move later.

Bad-ass chess

I was intending to write something about Bad Bullet Chess but it would inevitably lead to more examples from my own games. Maybe some other day.

Three Queens

In line with the recent Amber tournament I will give you a Whacky blindfold chess exercise:

White has three Queens. a2, b1, d1.
White also happens to have a King on the board; on e3.

Black has nothing but a bare-naked King on f6.

The exercise: how many Key moves does White have for a mate in two?

That's one difficult exercise for you, isn't it? I sure hope you'll try it.

Hover over here and click for the solution

That's it for now.

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  1. I like that Rxd6 game.
    That certainly was a surprise move.