03 March 2010

Another great scalp

Oh man I have played some nice games of Chess today!

Heinz picture

Most of them against title holders -- because I am cherry-picking my opponents -- and I scored more or less break even.
I am happy to turn in some of my precious virtual e-rating points for a couple of FM/IM/GM whoopings though.

And the inevitable result is that I win some of them too -- and those are going straight to this blog ;-)

First I screw a Slovenian FM... in one of the best games that I've played lately. After that he beat me three times in a row though. Good player.

Then I catch an English IM with a dirty premove recapture trick (=> he thinks I just recaptured while in the meantime I sneakily set up a trap)

And to wrap it up, I get to play an English Grandmaster!

Of course, it may be somewhat unfair, for them it is just another game of Chess against some random newbie while I am all excited about the privilege of facing titled players and playing Full Force.

And I am only showing my wins here; I lost a bunch of games too, and rest assured they weren't pretty.

OK, ready? Here they come.

Slovenian FM

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The English IM

The English GM

OK, then an English GM showed up. I sent him a challenge... and to my surprise he accepted!

Soon he won the first & the second game without much resistance...

I played opening variations I had never tried before, and he simply screwed me big time.

Lured into a false sense of security, he enters the third game.

I remember NM Dale's Groovy Advice and I grab a cheap internet win that will be cherished forever.

Play online chess

After all this Chess violence, I almost forgot the...

Chess Problem

A nice "deep" keymove, and a good solving exercise. White to move & mate in three.


By Johann Nepomuk Berger, Frankfurter Rundschau 1887.
After any black move, White will have a simple check&checkmate-in-two. Except for one. What to do to have a mate in two prepared for that one?


  1. I looked at all those blitz games today but the mate in 3 I give up today after 5 seconds since trying to solve it could take maybe half an hour maybe and I`m feeling lazy.

    Yep that Qf6 is Groooooviness revisited.


  2. Good games Mr. Heinz.

    Never tried the problem.


  3. Good games Mr.Heinz.

    Never tried the puzzle, looked
    too hard.


  4. Great problem thanks! :)

    Awesome games too. I don't think you won because you premoved though! all skill.

    - Maxacre

  5. Hey you guys

    Dale and Greenpee, you bunch of wussies... look even little Maxie got it right! It's not difficult - you only need to spot one aspect of the position in order to find the key. White has a simple check-checkmate in two after all black moves except one. Which one? What to do?

    The more I think about the GM scalp, the more it seems I played the "perfect game". After my "inferior move" Rh2 he stalled Nxd3+... because Nxd3+ seems to prevent Rdh1. And after my Kb1 the man was too busy with his a-pawn. :-)

    And another thing I realized, is that in the game vs. the IM, after Bxf8, a seemingly correct defensive move ...h6 doesn't work due to the "simple" Bb4+! Rxe8 Rxe8+ Kg7 Bxa5. Not something like Bxh6+? Rxe8 Rxe8+ Kh7, or Qe7? Rxf8, and Black is alive and kicking.