27 February 2010

Game + cartoon + problem

I guess that'll be the setup for this Internet Chess Blog.

The Game

I've been participating in a couple of lousy chessgames since the GM scalp. So I dived into the Heinzk Archives and this game rolled out.

I play uninspired ploughboy chess... but my opponent does worse.
He tries to prevent my knight from entering f6, but instead he gets his worst nightmare - a queen. 1-0 GG

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Yeah there's not much going on in that game... I remembered it mainly for that final manoeuvre.
It is one of my better Online efforts though... you really don't want to see every chess game I click with my mouse.

The Cartoon

Heinz plays chess vs. a mysterious hand. It's kinda blurry so click on the picture for the proper scan.

"Checkmate! Who's your daddy!?"

The Problem

Here is a composition by Darso James Densmore. The key move is wonderfully concealed in the position and has - jokingly - been compared to the F-117 (the stealth airplane).
The problem was awarded the first prize in the "Brooklyn Chess Chronicle" in 1914 (back in the days when chess problems were cool)

White to move and mate in three


The quality of chess problems should be judged based on their beautiful ideas; but, as is shown, beauty can go hand in hand with difficulty!

Does it matter? The solving of chess problems can be tough indeed. Especially when you're not familiar with the exercise and think of it as pointless and impractical for developing your superior chess playing skillz.

But if you use your head and go after the "perfect solutions", you will receive a wealth of splendor in return. The chess pieces perform little pieces of theater every time, with the composer as their director. All YOU need to do is to come down and see the show.

The one chess problem is even more fantastic than the other... it only gets better!


  1. That Qf6 move is certainly groovy.

  2. Hi National Master Dale

    Only now I remember Anand tricking Kramnik into something similar to this at Amber rapid, ...one or two years ago.

    What about the Densmore keymove? Groovy enough?