25 February 2010


Yippeee! I beat a German top Grandmaster... on time
Yeah, you can discredit it... since it was just another clicking chess game on the internet. But still. I won !!

To be honest, I had never heard of him before; but apparently he is one of the top 20 rated players of Germany, and, according to his Wikipedia page, he is a former junior world champ.
He may be losing chess games all the time when he is sitting behind his computer screen, but hey this time, I was the guy on the other side of the net.

The game..... I could've played it against a 1600 too... but I could feel the complications he created were somewhat more thorny than the average chess player comes up with. Try to think about what you would play before clicking further and you will see that the variations for black are never all that clear.

He fails to finish me off and I screw him on time.

The game also earned me 30+ rating points.

Thirty rating points wow!

And to cheer up this Blog I'll be decorating it with the various Heinz cartoon images I have stored on my computer. Don't you think I stole this or any other idea from Chandler's Corner.

(Heinz is a Dutch comic cartoon drawn and written by René Windig & Eddie de Jong)

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