16 February 2010

Chess problems

Yeah! This is more interesting. Chess problems. Chess pieces in optima forma. No injuries, no holes in your opening book, no lack of endgame technique, no opponent who is trying to screw you each and every single move. A chess problem only contains chess pieces on the green meadows eagerly wanting to show you something nice, something wonderful, and nothing more. You just have to look at the diagram, use your brainz, and then unlock the "mystery".
So here it is, the first CHESS PROBLEM on this web-blog.

White begins, and, even against Black's most stubborn defense, it is mate on white's fifth move. There is only one way to achieve this mate in five, and it contains some sort of beauty. This may sound somewhat vague; but once you have found the solution, you should understand.

Diagram for mate in five
(composed by me)

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