25 February 2010

Loyd Twomover + cartoon

White to move here can mate in just two moves. So whatever Black does after White's Key, White mates.


It is not an easy problem. In some way you have to "break through your own barriers"...
it took me a long time before realizing the chess board is in fact larger than my own head allowed it to be.

Did you find the solution before clicking on the diagram?

...did you?


Dancing Heinzies

It's a neat problem by the famous and very productive composer Samuel Loyd, and was published in the Baltimore Herald back in 1880 when chess was still considered to be cool.


  1. I really did get this Qh7 one I thought the 3 move problem was hard so I thought I`d try the 2 move one.

  2. Hello anon, thanks for leaving a comment;)

    For me the Queen's diagonal world ended after f5 or g6... hard to solve it then.