20 February 2010

Hurray more chess games

I just played a couple of games against a guy from China that seemed somewhat entertaining, he played fast & handy vs. me slow & unhandy which resulted in six wins for me, four losses, one draw.

Come on, show us some games heinz!

OK OK chill out, that's why I started writing this message anyway.
Game 1
I confused myself in the opening after his Nf6 - before I knew it I was down the pawn. But after that, every move of mine contained a threat, and when I played a move that did NOT contain a threat, he immediately erred... GG:

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Game 7
A couple of games later -- yeah he won the ones in between, but they weren't all that interesting -- I screw him again...:

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OK OK, most lost games were the combination of a bad position and being screwed because being down on time. But this one wasn't so bad. Despite me having a fantastic Knight after move 21, I cannot find a way to exploit this huge horsie due to White's handy play - but it must be said, it was far from perfect; with me playing like that Nowajaquette would've eaten me alive. 1-0 GG

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