30 November 2011

Crowbarring the kingside

Crowbarring the castle

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  1. Please let me know if I am missing something fantasically obvious, but why, on move 11 doesn't white fork the king and queen(rd8+)? Is this a blunder or am i just missing some deadly tactical resource of black's?

    Thanks for posting the game!

  2. Hello Eyepoke
    White has little initiative left after that. I have played it once and went on to lose like a baby. By the way, the real sensational part of this game is what happens after Rxh7 Bg4 - Rh4 Bxd1 Nf6+:), although I hadn't actually seen that idea during the game

  3. Huh. ok. Thanks for the response. Guess I am just not playing at that level yet!

  4. The level that as soon as one's hope for initiative is gone, all moves become aimless...

  5. Hi
    Not playing for a while but took a trip to see your blog. Some fun games.

    Jim Takchess