31 January 2011

Who wants to beat a...

My dear reader, I guess I'm going to bore you with yet another VICTORY... yes... I'm not going to show you my losses. Actually, this current format enables me to choose the very best game of the month, one that is worthy of cheers and remembrance, and share it here. This gives me the opportunity to replay this game myself every once in a while too - you know, when I am in dire need of a happy chess memory. That alone already is a nice thing, is it not? For me, it justifies decorating this blog with more chessy adventures, even if nobody else is reading along. A game like the "drunk bullet fluke" was contested in two minutes, ten months ago, I wouldn't even be able to remember two minutes of what I did ten days ago... but when I stumble upon it (simply because it's placed permanently on this blog), well, to be honest it still makes me smile. Here is a new game that made my chess heart feel boyishly proud... and that actually went just the way I'd like all my games to go.


It's unrated, it's blitz, it's Internet chess, it's only one out of fourteen games with the same guy (-8=3+3)... but still, it's a nice game in itself, and, considering the strength of the opposition of which the pieces' resistance had to be broken, it's yet another good scalp for me to gloat about... if only a little. Well to be honest this whole blog is one prolonged ego trip anyway. I just like this game below because this is the way I play chess, and it got rewarded with a satisfying sequence of moves leading to the "I won!" feeling, even if it was just a casual offhand game on the Internet. So without further ado... who wants to beat a GM?

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  1. You're full of yourself, disgusting

  2. Hey! I thought that was an awesome game. A person could say whatever about it being blitz or not but the bottom line is that it was just awesome. ;) Especially with the bloated 1. h4?? sheeesh. I like 2..h5 haha its like okay, "two can play this game".

  3. My "disgusting" comment was aimed at the general tone of self-praise on this blog ;-) It's not bloated or arrogant (or anything like that) to play 1. h4. It's just the way he chooses to play his chess in these offhand games. The first game we played went 1. Nh3 Nh6 2. d4 d5 3. Ng5 Ng4 4. h3 Nf6 5. c4 h6 6. Nf3 and it's back to more or less normal. It's just that he plays some funky looking moves 1-3 and then continues with serious strong chess against which you can't rely so much on prepared backup that was thought out by others. That's all.

  4. Lovely game Jokim. I've played many games like that in online blitz games, but my victims tend to be rated nearer 1500, if they are rated at all.