30 September 2010


Heinz pic

About time I posted something on here again. I'm still deliberating with myself about the "Original Chess©" blog entry and I am still very much convinced that I have valuable ideas to add - in contrast with its current lack of useful volume. Only problem it is still very much a big mess of unsorted oneliners and isolated thoughts... so all that comes later. While thinking about Chess I also have come up with ideas for new blog entries that might be amusing and perhaps even instructive.

For now, well I have been playing Chess every now and then, and nothing much happens. Not too happy about my own chess moves, or should I say I don't make efforts to cheer up my chess moves so they don't make me happy either. In other sports like football you can just go the day, play football, lose because the other team scored more goals, but still everyone sees you have been running your legs off across the whole field, and you and your body have the satisfaction of having done the physical effort. But in chess, the justification of playing chess is that you "win" games. If you win, you made all the right moves, you outsmarted your opponent, you're great. If you lose, it's like you haven't done anything at all... hey, did you play chess today...? Yes, and I lost... Oh, why are you bothering to play chess then? Yeah well uhmmm because I enjoy the experience even when losing...

You really have to keep winning and improving, patting yourself on the back, otherwise you cannot sell it to yourself and to others. So I try to win more. Lately that hasn't been happening all too much. Do I have something meaningful to show here? Maybe, I am just sharing thoughts with myself, two or three readers and another three invisible anonymous guys. So hello! I hope you're still reading. The justification of writing a Blog is that it is read by some others, right? Or else it's so sad.

Just last month I discovered the blog actually keeps track of some visitor statistics, bottom line nobody reads this except myself. Hmm... to avoid this blog from being completely void of anything useful. Here are some chess movements you might possibly enjoy. I don't even know what I want to show here so I'll dive into the archives now... ah here is one. Back from the days I played better and I still had some faith in the Fajarowicz opening... and when I set delicious traps that even good players fell into without questioning whether they should do something about it or not. Hmm... yes.

And because I know you are all waiting for it, here is another problem that can count on Heinzk's seal of approval. White to move and mate in three composed by Karl August Mörtzsch, Leipziger Illustrirte Zeitung 1872.



  1. That sure is a strange last move for white in that Farowicz game even in a 3 minute game if you are rated 2500 in something.

    I think I mighta even been inspired to play the Farowicz at red hot pawn land since I`ve sorta tried it out for the last couple of months just wingin it.


  2. Sammi FaJArowicz. Better to learn his name too to impress the newbies. And Bc3 was a wonderful move, preparing Nb3-d2 so Ne5-f3+ Nd2xf3 Qd6xh2+ Nf3xh2

  3. Oops I just need to remember that this is the opening with the jar in it.

    NM- Dale