06 April 2010

More testing than anything else

Seriesmate in 30

White makes 30 consecutive moves and mates. Only his last move may attack the black king.

If you want to see a good show, click << and then replay the moves leading up to this position. :-)

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  1. My favourite system you have tried
    Heinzkat so far is the 3 item post.

    cartoon ...game ....problem


    I still have this blog bookmarked in case you keep adding occasionally.

  2. I haven't had all too many games worthy of review. In fact I'm playing quite badly these days. I wasn't planning on adding more games here anyway :p. I haven't seen problems I want to "share" either... but I will be back with some Sophisticated Thoughts on chess & maybe I will even write about the Anand Topalov brawl


  3. Or maybe some blog about bad chess. I've got plenty of material for that!!

  4. Well I finally looked at all the games now.

    Very tactical indeed.

    NM Dale