08 February 2013

This is not a blog

Hello friends!!!

Of course I haven't posted anything because of indifference and such things. I've survived another year full of awful valleys of blunders. Throughout I did think some more about chess in general, my own strengths, weaknesses, reasons for my wins and ineptitudes and such and wrote little bits and pieces about my findings. But, as you know, it is not allowed to discuss a work in progress, so I will leave it at that.

This game I played the other day is pleasant enough to share, and the surprise finish should make you smile (I'm smiling about it anyway):
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Is that all, you might ask, and the answer is yes.

07 October 2012

Second October entry

Hee-hee look what I just found in the archives!

04 October 2012

Happy world animal day!

Hello dear followers and fans and critics!! Here are two games I played on my sister's computer against the dangerous computer program Chess Titans when my own computer broke down and I was in dire need of some chess vitamins.

First game (level 8)

Not sure why it all went haywire. Probably the thing doesn't like threefold repetitions. I could probably have carried out that attack more dashingly too... not the best effort from either side, I lost the thread somewhere. I discovered that I had inadvertedly played against level 8 instead of against full force level 10, so I adjusted the settings, which the thing took as an excuse to take forever for every lousy move... leading to this game:

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OK, good for my ego anyway, as I've been playing really quite dreadful unambitious-looking chess these months (with the occasional bright moment resulting in a win, but overall nothing of special importance - nor good enough to share). Despite everything, I played one nice Najdorf attack after an incorrect novelty from my side (of course I didn't know it was still theory) against a French IM, but it seems I dislocated the gamescore migrating the data from my old loyal laptop to my new one! Too bad. ...But!! Especially for you here's an attempted reconstruction with admittedly probably not the most accurate move order:
[update: I found the real game after all. I played it on the second day I possessed my new laptop. And what a beauty it is!]

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That's it! I hope you enjoyed! Please leave me a message (semi-anonymously) saying how much you miss my blogging! Hugs'n'Kisses all!